Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son

Madison Gate Records announces the release of Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son (Original Soundtrack), featuring music from the upcoming Sony Pictures Virtual Reality game by the same title. The album includes original score by prolific gaming composer Cris Velasco, an original song titled "Sarah Everyday" written and performed by Cris Velasco and David Feldstein, and a collection of songs featured in the game, including "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher, "Lonely Friday Night" by The Blossoms and "Shagpile Shuffle" by Orchestra Heinz Hötter, among others. The album releases digitally on Tuesday, September 17 and is available now for pre-order on iTunes.

Commenting on his experience working on this project, composer Cris Velasco notes, Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son developer, Tequila Works, is no stranger to playing with time, and in this outing they've outdone themselves. My other projects lately have been in more of a dark/fantasy/sci-fi nature, so to take one of my favorite 80's comedies and create a sequel score was a welcome challenge. Sony Pictures VR, MWM and Tequila Works have given me the opportunity to write something comedic, yet heartfelt and emotional by allowing me to write something comedic, yet heartfelt and emotional... uh oh..."

01 Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son (Main Theme) (Cris Velasco) 2:15
02 I Got You Babe (Sonny & Cher) 3:10
03 Rise and Shine (Cris Velasco) 2:07
04 Fun House (Orchestra Hubert Deuringer) 2:14
05 Ned's Fireworks (Cris Velasco) 1:13
06 Lonely Friday Night (The Blossoms) 2:12
07 I Made Other Plans (Cris Velasco) 2:41
08 Picture Puzzle (Cris Velasco) 1:52
09 How Far Away are the Stars? (Cris Velasco) 2:07
10 Rise and Shine II (Cris Velasco) 0:42
11 Stuck in a Small Town (Cris Velasco) 2:14
12 Nothin's Gonna Stop (Nick Nolan) 3:08
13 Shagpile Shuffle (Orchestra Heinz Hötter) 3:04
14 Maybe You're Right (Kenny Werner & Friends) 4:08
15 You're Not Ready to Believe Me (Cris Velasco) 2:27
16 Rise and Shine III (Cris Velasco) 0:46
17 Hall of the Mountain Bean (Cris Velasco) 3:06
18 Shoot First (Extreme Music) 2:59
19 I Tried My Best (Cris Velasco) 2:41
20 The Mural (Cris Velasco) 2:49
21 Sarah Everyday (Cris Velasco & David Feldstein) 2:15
22 Ain't Got the Blues (Stephen Emil Dudas) 1:47
23 The Perfect Speech (Cris Velasco) 1:45
24 I'll Never Say Goodbye (Extreme Music) 4:02
Total: 57:44

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