First To The Moon: The Journey Of Apollo 8

Notefornote Music released an original score album for the new documentary, First To The Moon: The Journey Of Apollo 8. The digital album and CD are available now. The film’s original music was composed by Alexander Bornstein (The Last Heist, No Place Like Home, My Husbands Double Life). For this score, Alexander was able to reach to the furthest regions in our galaxy with the help of his orchestral score and beautiful musical textures.

First to the Moon: The Journey Of Apollo 8 is a new documentary film that tells the amazing story of the Apollo 8 mission and the three men that crewed it. Through restored archival films from NASA, The National Archives, and the Astronaut's own personal collections, this documentary takes you through time from the upbringing of each crew member and onward to present day.

The score features a dynamic blend of orchestra (portions recorded by The Budapest Symphony Orchestra), guitars, and electronics. Anchored by an evolving main theme, Alexander’s score follows the exciting story of the Apollo 8 mission and tumultuous time in American history that it took place.

“Bornstein’s music compliments one of the greatest events in the history of mankind.”

The documentary was directed by Paul J. Hildebrandt and features new interviews with Bill Anders, Frank Borman and Jim Lovell.

Music Composed & Produced by Alexander Bornstein

Guitar Performances & Arrangements by Bryan Winslow

01 1968 3:18
02 Crew 3:53
03 The Good Earth 7:14
04 Becoming Apollo 8 4:27
05 Model Rockets 2:00
06 Go for Launch 3:05
07 Tli 2:58
08 Earth's Grasp 1:55
09 Dark Side of the Moon 10:31
10 Earthrise 1:24
11 Fireball 5:14
12 What We Really Discovered 5:36
Total: 51:35

First to the Moon Soundtrack image