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Welcome to just one of a million internet rado stations that exist on the planet.  I’ve always loved movie soundtracks going all the way back to wearing out a Star Wars 8 track tape back in the 70s.

In July of 2011, I launched Soundtrax.FM with the mission of introducing the latest releases from the movies that are currently in theaters.  I wanted to bring my 37 years of broadcasting experience to the internet and create a unique format that doesn't exist fulltime on terrestrial radio.

We've grown from just a handful of listeners to hundreds of thousands from around the world and still growing.  So much so that I am unable to afford the expense of constantly increasing listener slots and music royalties personally.

So... We have joined Radio Coalition and partnered with Live365 to host our stream.  Our music royalties will be paid through our membership with Radio Coalition and Live365 will place national brand advertisers on the station to help us cover the costs of streaming and music royalties.  When you continue to listen through our sponsor breaks you are helping us continue to bring you the latest and greatest soundtracks from movies, television and video games.

In October of 2015, the station where I worked for almost 25 years sold.  My wife and I moved away from the big city and are broadcasting from a place we call "The Shire" in Middle America.

Please email me with any comments or questions.  I love hearing from our listeners from all over the world.