(January 11, 2018– Los Angeles, CA) – Los Angeles-based epic music label ICON announces the release of i2, its second ever retail-only album on December 8, 2017 (available at icontrailermusic.bandcamp.com and all major digital providers). Like its predecessor Dawning Promises, i2 was produced as an end-to-end listening experience specifically for the awesome community of epic music fans.

i2 is the collaboration of a small group of veteran film, trailer and game composers, each with impressive credits. “All of the composers on this album, including me, were given infinite room to explore and experiment, to push the envelope to its limit. I think the results are what happens when you let great artists loose, free from restrictions”, says ICON co-owner and composer/producer Frederik Wiedmann.

Wiedmann, an Emmy-winning composer, recently scored the thriller Hangman, starring Academy Award-winner Al Pacino, and the action drama Acts of Vengeance, starring Antonio Banderas. He also continues to work on his TV shows Mission Force One (Disney) and All Hail King Julien (Dreamworks Animation).

Multi-award winning composer Gareth Coker brings strong gaming influences to the album. He recently scored the hit video game ARK: Survival Evolved, recorded at Abbey Road with the 93-player Philharmonia Orchestra. In June, Coker appeared live on stage at the E3 Expo to perform the announcement trailer for Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the sequel to 2015’s critically acclaimed game, Ori and the Blind Forest. Coker wrote the music for both games.

ICON co-owner and composer/producer Joel Goodman adds, “With this album we broke down any limitations. We asked ourselves, while looking at our past releases for film & TV, what else can we do? We decided to break down the standard trailer music form, go beyond typical durations, and reach for instruments and sounds that are totally unexpected.”

Goodman, also an Emmy-winner, recently finished scoring the film Shadowman about the life of famed street artist Richard Hambleton, and the Netflix original documentary Voyeur, which follows best-selling journalist Gay Talese as he reports one of the most controversial stories of his career. Both were released in theatres this month.

Rounding out the album are composers Zach Lemmon and Axel Tenner, both seasoned composers doing top-level work across film, TV, games and trailers.

“What I love about this album is that every single piece takes the listener on an epic journey,” says Wiedmann. “And that journey is different for everyone.”

Goodman agrees. “Our goal is to draw fans into this alternate universe we’ve created, musically speaking, and then let their imaginations run wild. These are three-minute adventures into worlds we can really only dream of.”

i2 is available now via most major online retailers and streaming services. To purchase the album, visit icontrailermusic.bandcamp.com.


01. Ritual Future 03:09
02. Binary Invasion 02:56
03. Origin Forces 02:53
04. Shattering Dimensions 03:02
05. Blister 02:58
06. Golden Warriors 02:42
07. Battles, Bells & Blasphemy 03:42
08. Psychoactive Redshift 03:22
09. Shrine of the Fallen 03:29
10. Automated Autocrat 02:35
11. Serpentine Enchantment 03:00
12. Epidemic Ascendancy 02:37
13. Transmogrification 03:05
14. Passage 03:09